Luck, money and patience…

The answer to the most asked question: “How can I get my own SIMMONS?”. When I got my first SDSV in 2003, I was lucky that the frame already carried the very rare digital cymbal module. It also came with the even more rare cymbal pad. In this case I was very very lucky and I did not need any patience at all. I got the full set, Bd, Sn, 3xTT and Cymbal with all pads, stands and cables for reasonable 500 Euro. Since 2003 I have been waiting to fill the last slot with the long time desired HiHat module. But every time a HiHat module appeared on Ebay (probably once a year only one), It went for a horrendous amount of money and I preferred to wait….until yesterday… A Simmons buddy from Munich wanted to sell his entire rack with 6 modules and HiHat included. He placed a small add in the internet which I saw just 2 hours later. Unfortunately I was only the second who contacted him and he had already promised the unit to a guy from Berlin. Fortunately this guy had to resign from buying it so I took my chance. In the meantime the seller also decided to keep the 5 standard modules, so he only sold the HiHat module at a faire price to me. It is even a very early analog HiHat version taken from the frame SN #119

This demonstrates what “patience” means: 7 years of waiting. I have just passed my 40th birthday and I am confident that I have enough life time left to complete my collection before I die. Probably it may take another 7 years until I find the digital version, but it is worth waiting

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  1. rico bryceson says:

    Wow! I am quite pleased since I started collecting SDSV’s 1 year ago. I was very fortunate to acquire 2 brains, one with the digital hihat AND cymbal modules (with the accompanying hihat footpedal and the 2 zone cymbal pad!), and one and a half pad sets! I love the sounds of these unique instruments. I did not find them on Ebay or from dealers. I found them by tracking down the only 2 players I remember playing them locally in the early ’80’s. I played too then but could not afford the high price at the time. Our band from 1984 is reuniting and I’m quite pleased I’ll have the SDSV this time!

  2. jesper says:

    My time to say: “Willkommen im Club!” 🙂

    I did like you, bought a 6-card SDS-V with Cymbal fitted. Very reasonable price, just before the latest sky rocketing in analogue gear prices. Soon after (a year maybe) I ran across another SDS-V with six cards, this one with hihat fitted. I bought it and sold off the remaining five cards and two blanks in one of the racks.

    My only regret is that I sold a bunch of Music Aid cards too at that time. [insert Homer-sigh when smacking your forehead]

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