a dignified evening of life

What’s even more fascinating than a Simmons SDSV? Exactly: A Musicaid SDSV. But these first steps of hexagonal history are so hard to find. I got an empty Musicaid SDSV frame, serial number #71, in absolute pathetic condition: rusty and filled with (vintage) British autumn leaves. I assume it has spend the last 25 years in a humid barn or basement. However no SDSV is to be scrapped. I was truely reminded of two years of my life, 1989-1991 when I had been working in a retirement home where I learned: “Everybody has a claim to a dignified evening of life”

I swear this oldie will live to see a second birth. My Musicaid pads need something to plug in. Stay tuned…

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  1. Roger says:

    That’s the spirit!

  2. sibster says:

    Wow, a Musicaid Peace. Thats really something special. The Rust is part of the cult with this machine. Thanks for posting the photos…. I recon Wolfgang will sanding it by hand and one day you’ll see it in mint condition! Hurray.. Sibster

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