Sunday afternoon in the garden

Sunday is supposed to be a family day. But what happens if none of the jobs get done during the week? 3 weeks ago I got 4 white Musicaid pads from my Simmons buddy Sibi to restore. Well, why not combine work and family life?

So here are some impressions of today’s day:

one of the old surfaces removed with the help of a hair dryer

the table on the terrace. Interesting: The shells are mounted to the plywood with rubber fittings, they are not screwed! First time I saw that.

a crack fixed with two component glue (and later with a layer of white lacquer…)

although there is still a tray for the speaker, this pad already features a piezo … but not in the center?!

polishing the new surface with plastic cleaner

Everything cleaned and assembled again.. Johanna drawing in her book.

not everybody is interested in what I am doing

Girls often don’t take me seriously 🙂

2 Responses to “Sunday afternoon in the garden”

  1. Sibi says:

    Thanx for the hard work on those pads.
    They are like new……

    All the best, Sibi

  2. Mike says:

    Hi, I have just become the proud owner of an SDS 1000 with SDS pads. Theyre in reasonable condition considering their age but the edging of the pads has started to turn white. It comes off with a bit of rubbing but i was wondering if there was a cleaning agent you could recommend to get them looking as stylish as they were intended to.
    Thanks, Mike

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