There are some events to celebrate: 30 years ago, at the beginning of 1981, Dave Simmons built (Musicaid) SDSV #1. Later, at the end of 1981, Simmons Electronic Drums Ltd. was founded. My way to say “Happy Birthday, Simmons”:

Next step would be a chromatic “Simmophone”?

4 Responses to “Congratulations”

  1. Synthfactory says:

    Are these the original musicaid pads and cards?

  2. ALFONSO says:

    Great and funny !

  3. joe kling says:

    good idea, wolfgang!
    reminds me of king crimsons “waiting man”.
    but there is one question left:
    was kings waiting man intro live in 82 realy a sdsV-sound?
    have not tried to build that sound on my sds but cant imagine….


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