a dignified evening of life (part 2)

Some posts ago I reported about the rusty Musicaid SDSV frame SN#72. Today I had the opportunity to disassemble the device. While the outer chassis has obviously suffered from humidity, the internal cicuit boards look pretty good. All soldering joins seem to be ok. Only the socket of the fuse and the power LED need to be replaced. No big deal.

The SDSV: consisting of only a handful of electronic parts, not really rocket science, but somehow mean

this picture reminds me of my first car, a 1970 Volkswagen Bus T2 right after purchase

The rust and old lacquer has been sanded away

the sanded surface grounded with a special undercoat

some dead insect….

The next step will be to replace the fuse socket and power LED, then I will assemble all parts again for testing. Stay tuned

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  1. Roger says:

    So Wolfgang, is there a reason for the open gap on the top of the case? Seems like a very poor design (easy to spill something into it and short things out). I assume this was limited to the Musicaid units?

    • simmonsmuseum says:

      No, it’s exactly the same construction as all following SDSV brains. The only difference I could figure out so far is the zinc-coated chassis used in younger Simmons SDSVs

  2. jesper says:

    I think the opening above the sockets are brilliant. easy to get to when doing the “loudness mod” and removing the resistors. 🙂

    But… with the original black cover the hole is covered so no problems imho.


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