Germany’s first Electronic Drummer Meeting

Review of Germany’s first meeting for Electronic Drums 27th November, 2010

During a huge drum event earlier this year I philosophised with two buddies about the question, why there is no anual event exclusively for electronic drummers at least in Germany. We considered that there are a lot of questions but only a few answers as the whole market is dominated by just a very few products providing more or less obsolete technology. We raved about the idea to organize a meeting where the visitors exhibit as well, self-crafted and vintage kits preferred. We checked the demand for an event like this by launching a discussion on We were rather surprised about the great and positive feedback. With a very restrictive budget but nevertheless enthusiasm and motivation we sucessfully found a local location.
With „Final Virus“, a great German Rock act featuring Sibi Siebert on a hybrid Simmons SDSV kit, Oli Rubow and Robert Huettl with his „Drumallover“ trigger suit we were lucky enough to find fitting live acts.

People from the whole nation came to present their constructions: A welded full metal kit, a kit wrapped with Zebra skin, the brand new Drumi5 Mk II, Simmons SDX, Drum-Tec Pro and many more. Some sets were Software based using Superior or Addictive Drums, some were triggering standard V-Drum or DTX modules. Everybody was invited to test and compare every solution. And every exhibitor was helpful to explain every detail of his instrument.

It’s a pity that no manufacturer dared to join the party. After the success of the initial electronic drum meeting and the coverage of Germany’s leading drummer magazines „Sticks“ and Drums&Percussion“ it is rather unlike that Roland, Yamaha & co. Can afford to ignore the next issue…

Oli Rubow exploring the Simmons/Musicaid SDS3


Sibi Siebert, former Simmons staff, performing on his hybrid kit


Oli during his Workshop with lot’s of analog effect devices


Robert Huettl introducing his trigger suit


Sibi’s kit from behind


Drum-Tec Pro Sapeli kit


SDSV kit retrofitted with mesh heads


Software based DIY kit featuring Addictive Drums


DIY kit – glass/glitter wrapped with standard foil from the DIY superstore


Simmons SDX – #19 of only 250 built


Drum-Tec Diablo


Wronka custom kit – made of welded light metal (see


Exploring the possibilities of DIY


Jobeky Stealth kit with Toontrack Superior Drummer


Handy DIY kit with Roland TD-6


DIY Zebra Skin – needs to be groomed instead of polished


2box Drumit5 MkII

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