When worlds collide

It was back in September 1987. Johnny Cash played a show in Rotterdam/Netherlands and I had the pleasure to be part of the audience. After the show we met the band at a local hotel and I handed one of my white SDS9 pads to John’s drummer D.S. Holland for an autograph. Normally he played a Rogers which appeared as old as he was, so he asked me what that was? I explained that this was an electronic drum pad which would be used in many contemporary music productions. He turned up his nose at this strange kind of gear but of course I got my autograph and I got a smile from the band. Unfortunately I don’t have this pad anymore. If I would have known that I would collect “these strange drums” one day, of course I would have kept it. However a nice memory and Johnny Cash was one of the most impressive performers ever.

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  1. Alfredo C. Castro says:

    Hi! My name is Alfredo C. Castro, I’ve been a repair tech for some 30 years
    in Argentina, used to repair many Simmons brains and pads in those days.
    I even got a set of schematics directly from Dave Simmons to repair an SDS 9, brand new at that moment. He was really generous, because he understood that I was in a hurry and answered promptly. Very uncommon.
    Now I live in Barcelona and canĀ“t find Mr. Simmons anywhere. Surfing the web I found your site, which is amazing. I’m trying to get hold of a set of schematics for the SDS EPB, the eprom blower, and I’m writing you just in case you have one or may know where to get one. I would gladly pay a reasonable amount for it. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Best regards.

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