endangered species

When I (re)started my interest for Simmons drums back in 2003, I immediately found a white and shiny 5 piece SDSV kit on Ebay, located in Switzerland. Although I did not win the auction, I was not too disappointed as Simmons drums regularly appeared there from time to time. Since then I daily check Simmons offers on Ebay in several key areas such as US, UK and of course Germany as well as several websites providing small adds and I must say that the offers became less and less over the years, those ones that I found are mostly very expensive and/or in poor condition. So sometimes I think that I started to collect at a better period of time. Those of you who are still desperately waiting for an SDSV or SDX need much more patience and … money. One more reason to keep the remaining gear and all the docs and gossip alive. Simmons, an endangered species…

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