Interview with Dave Simmons on Digital Drummer Mag

Allan Leibowitz, chief editor of Digital Drummer Mag, had one of the rare opportunities to make an interview with Dave Simmons. In a very open manner Dave reflects upon the “good times” back in the 80s, the “bad times”, Simmons’ influence on today’s electronic drums and also his conflicts with Guitarcenter.

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  1. Great to see Dave fighting for the Simmons name back, and his ‘British Made’ Product(s), I wish him all the best regarding this, it should never of happened. GOOD LUCK Dave.

    Colin, (Koby Drums).

  2. Carlos says:

    Good, Dave have to fight not only for his name but for his reputation and I
    know he will win and once he wins. It’s a great opportunity for him to make
    electronic drums again, I wish he can came with a SDSV remake.


  3. Steve Watts says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. I read it with a nostalgic tear in my eye. Wonderful days indeed never to be repeated. Come on Guitar Center… do the decent thing and give the man his name back.

  4. Bruce Mason says:

    Good Luck to Dave in fighting for his name and reputation.

    This type of identity theft is disgraceful…the ‘new’ products are nothing to do with the great innovative work that Dave did in the 80’s….this is theft of reputation, they are using the mental association that people make with Dave’s great products to sell their own questionable equipment….they should pay up and drop the name….if their products are so good they will still sell…let’s try that out shell we ??

    Similarly the ‘ddrum’ name is now used to sell acoustic drums, although I think Clavia sold the name as a business decision and so at least had some money and it was their decision.

    …I’m pretty sure the first ‘d’ in ‘ddrum’ stood for ‘digital’…this has little to do with acoustic drums……….mental !!

  5. simmonsmuseum says:

    Hi Bruce, the name “DDrum” is also sold and they are now labeling the same chinese e-drum kits with “DDrum” coming from the same factory as the GC “Simmons” drums. The former Clavia/DDdrum developers are now doing development for the 2box drummit five.

    Just compare the DDrum DD1 and the “Simmons” SD5k:

    It is exactly the same kit 🙂

  6. Tams says:

    simmonsmuseum says:
    August 10, 2011 at 2:14 pm
    “DDrum” is also sold and they are now labeling the same chinese e-drum kits with “DDrum” coming from the same factory as the GC “Simmons” drums.

    What is the name of the Chinese factory that makes the Simmons SD-1 for Guitar Center?

  7. simmonsmuseum says:

    I am nogt 100% sure, but the company should be Medeli

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