Analog BBQ 2

After Analog BBQ 1 in 2009, synth collector and musician Thomas P. Heckmann invited us (Michael Buchner, Oli Rubow and me) to combine a fine BBQ afternoon (with hex shaped slices of cucumber) with a guided tour through his forrest of vintage synthesizers. A really impressive conglomerate of electronics… It’s a pleasure to share some impressions:

hex shaped cucumber


Simmons salad


BBQ master Thomas “at work”


Simmons wall lamp


Oli trying a Syndrum


Thomas demonstrating one of his countless magic add-ons


Michael (can’t hide his true emotions)


Genesis’ SDSV


The “Simmons corner”


about 5% of Thomas’ Star Wars collection

For a more detailed gear list of Thomas’ synths please see
Thanks to Thomas and his girl friend Natasha who have been great hosts!

5 Responses to “Analog BBQ 2”

  1. Thomas Heckmann says:

    A great day with great guys, Buchner inventions, knob counting and nice stories 🙂

  2. jesper says:

    Looks like a great time guys! Keep banging those hexaheads…

  3. jesper says:

    BTW, I love the fan at the BBQ Thomas! 😀

  4. Sibi says:

    Lots of cool toys.
    Nice to See Michael in my Simmons T-Shirt, hahaaaa

  5. Joe Clancy says:

    Hi there,

    Love your sight, really cool! If i’m not going totally mad I’m pretty sure I can see and SDSV that used to belong to me quite a few years ago… The SDSV is the one you are calling the Genesis… Can you tell us a little bit about it? I also owned an SDSV at the time that was half musicaid i.e. it had some modules that were musicaid and I seem to remember the casing was also musicaid.

    I don’t have a SDSV anymore, big regret! I do though own a couple of SDS7’s as once owned by the late great Eric Carr. I also have an SDS9 and a SDE.

    Love the Simmons gear, great stuff!


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