I guess most of us have weird hobbies. Mine is to collect, restore and present vintage drum synthesizers. And yes, I know, I share this hobby with only very few neirds worldwide, but I know they do exist as I get a lot of emails and feedback. This is the reason why I started this blog. And don’t forget to visit my homepage: http://www.simmonsmuseum.com

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  1. Martin Herrmann says:

    Hello, I´m a semi-profesional drummer playing since about 1965 in countless bands and styles. My last Group I was former too had a durance over 20 years untill 2008 (we performed own material in german-language and released 7 CD´s).
    Before I use a ddrum4 today, my monitoring on stage was supported from a SIMMONS TRIXXER; triggered from my acoustic drum-sets. This unit I own it even now and is part of my “private e-drum museum.”
    Now ! I miss a PHOTO of TRIXXER on your beautyfull website – If you want have it I would glad to send you pictures.
    With kindly regards, Martin Herrmann, D-Oberbillig/Germany, an der Schlicht 13

  2. Jörg Remmer Müller says:

    Hallo Wolfgang !
    Hier habe Ich gerade das SDX HiHat Pedal in ebay entdeckt und wollte nur mal informieren 🙂


    Vielleicht suchst Du es ja.
    Jörg (Wiesbaden)

    • simmonsmuseum says:

      Sehr nett von Dir! Das steht schon fast ein ganzes Jahr im Ebay. Einerseits ist der Preis sportlich hoch, andererseits funktioniert dieses Pedal ausschliesslich am SDX und an keinem anderen E-Drum dieser Welt. Und ich habe schon 2 von denen 😛

  3. Jeff says:

    Hello Wolfgang,
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog about the beautiful vintage Simmons Drums. . . so much so that you inspired me to make my own drum pads based upon the original SDS-V design. The drums have some of my own modifications. I’ve posted a blog about it and gave you and your Simmonsmuseum’s Blog a plug and a link. I thought you might be interested in checking out my post. Thanks again for your wonderful blog! Here’s the link: http://jeffjewkes.weebly.com/1/post/2011/09/my-simmons-drum-inspiration.html

  4. Ezio Filiè says:

    Hi, Awesome blog!
    This is my Diamond Electronics Drums pads with Roland Td12, a Pc for Vst and an Edirol Expander Sd20

  5. Jim Barber says:

    I have a SDS-6 that I purchased new in the late 70’s that isn’t fully working. I wondered if you would know where I could get a schematic for it.



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