Claptrap Mania

It’s done. I have completed my collection of Claptraps. And to be honest: Until probably two years ago I did not even know that there had been more than the famous digital Claptrap from 1984. Yes! The first Claptrap was analog and it was a Musicaid device, built approximately 1979/80, likely assembled by Dave Simmons himself, followed by the analog Simmons Claptrap (technically the same as the Musicaid but with a humanizer function and a slightly different case) and completed in 1984 by the digital version: the “Simmons Digital Claptrap”, one of Simmons’ most important “bread and butter” products. In fact it was called “digital” because it carries the basic sound on an 8 bit Eprom but this sound is processed by a chain of analog Simmons filters. I am looking forward to provide some sounds of all three devices soon

For whatever reason the two analog versions found their way to Simmonsmuseum much quicker than the Digital version did. I saw dozends of Digital Claptraps passing by on Ebay but I was never willing to pay lots of money for a device in poor condition.Llast week i was lucky

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