Collecting WHAT? Electronic drums???

When I seriously started playing music at the age of 13, back in 1983, the medium-term target was of course…girls, as many as possible, as beautiful as possible. I was fascinated by great rock bands, the money, the fame. At this point my experiences with girls were to help them learning latin vocabulary or to teach them mathematical formulas. So it was about time to start something “exciting”. To be honest, I was blinded by a show: I more or less lived from making music for about 15 years, but girls: No progress that might have been related to the fact that I was a music playing vagabond. My “attraction” (if it could be decribed as such) was more based on the fact that I was “recommended” as a reliable, anodying (I try to avoid to say “boring”) listener (at least this reputation is the reason how I got to know my wife, so please: I won’t complain). So all in all the best requirements for someone to start a collection of boring stuff like … hexagonal electronic drums. Probably it worked out to impress a handful of guys. But girls? No… “WHAT do you collect? Electronic drums? What’s that? Next, please…”.
I am happily married, I find some understanding from my wife but I guess that she actually considers my hobby being more than strange: paying a hell of a money for old and unfashionable, often none-working gear. So what?

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