Analog BBQ

A couple of weeks ago, Michael Buchner (the “e-drum whisperer”) invited Oli Rubow and me for a BBQ. On a pretty sunny day Michael prepaired everything: Meat, sausages, drinks…

and he also tiedied up his “laboratory” and draped his vintage gear for a report I was going to write for the Sticks magazine:

Michael loves to develop and optimize things: For example he showed us the current stage of a single channel SDS3 clone optimized for use with mesh pads:

One of his past inventions is an acoustic drumset similar to a cajon but with real drum heads formed like the body of an acoustic guitar:

Some more impressions

A complete collection of Dynacord Percuter sounds:

Why necessarily round mesh pads? Prototype of a hex-shaped mesh head bassdrum

Michael explaining the main board of an old Siel synth:

UV light to clear eproms

several designs of circuit boards:

Sonor Mamut pad:

Dynacord Add-One and P-20

Roland TR-909

Fricke MFB-512

SDS3 clone with self developed analog cymbal module (left):

Well-fed, happy and overloaded by all the impressions of the day Oli and me started our journey back home. Next year I will suggest Michael Buchner for the “Synth Nobel Prize”
To be continued……

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