Have I been messed up in the 80s?

Today I heard on the radio about the reunion and the upcoming tour of 80s cult band Spandau Ballet. I guess I was 12 when their first chart breaking single “True” has been released. John Keeble sat behind a pure white SDSV kit with even two bassdrums. However I was also wondering why he was always playing acoustic drums on live pictures and videos. 25 years later I heard him say in an interview that the only track they ever used Simmons sounds for was “Chant No. 1”. It was all an illusion! John got his Simmons by Dave Simmons personally. Serial number 3! AND HE ALMOST DIDN’T USE IT FOR RECORDINGS? Unbelievable. A reason to feel messed around? No. Much less artists really used Simmons drums on their recordings as those who affected using Simmons due to pounding on hexagonal pads in front of a camera. The Linn 9000 was used on records much more often. Still I have to state that Simmons drums and the MTV age stimulated each other very much. Both were a stroke of luck for each other.

I must admit that I was (and I am still) one of those who were more blinded by the design than by the sound. I became aware of what the Simmons sound is actually about much later. Still there were enough artists that established the sound also on countless recordings. So what… I think I wouldn’t have hasitated to use Simmons pads on “Top Of The Pops” as this really had the potential to accelerated the record sales. And I am really thinking about getting myself a ticket for a Spandau Ballet show, also in order to ask John Keeble to sign on one of my pure white beauties 😉

Good night

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