Germany’s second Electronic Drummer Meeting

After the success in 2010 we decided to organize a second edition of our electronic drum meeting. Once again the idea was to give electronic drums a focus and the enthusiasts a platform to present their DIY projects. Commercial providers were more than welcome. We are happy that companies like Alesis, Drum-Tec, 2Box, Korg, Wronka Drums and R-Drums proactively joined our event.

And once again we were lucky that we had great performers like Sibi on his Simmons SDSV with a spectacular oversized headphone-like monitor system custom-built by Föön Audio Systems (by far the coolest drum fill I have ever seen/heard…). We had Daniel Schild who demonstrated the Korg Wave Drum family and we had Marcel Bach who performed his cutting edge drum technique on an Alesis DM10 Pro kit. Last but not least R-Drums, provider for DIY parts (trigger mics, rubber foam cones, …) demonstrated the conversion of a cheap low-tec mono pad into a perfect working  stereo mesh head pad. (all videos made and edited by

Here are some impressions:


Sibi performing on his SDSV


Sibi performing on his SDSV


compact analog solution realised with a Nord Modular synth, Pearl DRX1 and Simmons SDS8


Jörg Remmer demonstrating his Modular kit


Daniel Schild explaning the Korg Wavedrum Family


very cool: compact power amplification specially designed for Wavedrum


compact Jobeky kit


Drum-Tec Diablo series with new finishes


Drum-Tec Pro series


2Box Drumit5. Probably the most realistic acoustic sound for the money


Acoustic kit equiped with DDrum triggers and Toontrack Superior


Acoustic kit equiped with R-Drums trigger systems


Alesis DM8 and DM10 Pro


DIY project


DIY project


“Drums Of Darkness” kit by Wronka Drums. Completely custom made … of metal


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