SDS7 Cymbal Pads

When I saw an “SDS7 cymbal pad” on Ebay last year, I thought it’s a fake. I haven’t seen any advertisement where a pad like this had been mentioned. But they really existed for a short period of time. Finally I found a brochure published by Simmons Group Center. One of the last mysteries is cleared up….

And this is what Glynn Thomas, former CEO of Simmons Group Center, USA, responded:

“…it was good to see that ad we produced for Modern Drummer magazine and featured our own version of a Simmons Cymbal. Sadly, Dave Simmons didn’t like us producing our own version of a Cymbal and vetoed it. So only a few prototypes were actually made, and then quietly dropped. The “rack” was our idea ( actually Dave Levine designed it with the cooperation of Ultimate Systems ) and was very very successful for Simmons Group Centre…”

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