And the winner is….

Thanks to David Levine for providing those two rare Grammy ads from Simmons Group Centre:

Dave Levine worked for Simmons Group Centre for several years as the Advertising / Promotional Director. He was responsible for many of the Ads they produced themselves for Modern Drummer Magazine, Musician Magazine, et al. I am looking forward to (hopefully) meet him at this year’s booth in Frankfurt

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  1. Glyn Thomas says:

    Hello, very pleased that you guys met up with Dave Levine. I have a request to you.
    When we were just starting in the USA I was given some very important help with service/repair of the SDSV. The small company in LA was Advanced Musical Electronics and they gave me very important assistance in those early days. Ruth Fischler is the CEO of Advanced and h652576as contacted me re spares.
    They are still servicing the whole Simmons range but desperately need help obtaining PARTS. Can you help her? There are a lot of Simmons users who know of their reputation and good service.
    Can I put her in touch with you? Best regards, Glyn

  2. Sibi says:

    Wow, getting all the legends from the 80ties together.
    Glyn and David!!

    Well done Wolfgang, you’ll find them all!!

    See you in Frankfurt in 2,5 weeks


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