SDSV prototype

Richard James Burgess, world famous producer of many successfull New Romantic acts in the 80s, musician, educator, writer, etc…etc… (too much to mention) was so kind to open his treasure house for Thanks for sharing!

Richard was a friend of Dave Simmons and drummer of the 80s band “Landscape“. He was involved in the very early development of SDSV and still possesses the very first development prototype.

RJB: “Here are some pics I took of the prototype SDSV that I used for Landscape’s From the Tearooms of Mars… album and for Shock’s Angel Face and R.E.R.B. tracks. After those I used one of the early production models that came out of Musicaid that I have included some pictures of. I had several of those so this is not the earliest one but we kept improving upon it as I made more records with it.

The pale blue triangle is the first pad that was made – it has the riot shield surface and, as you can see is just two pieces of particle (or chip) board screwed together. the center hole on the back was for the stand and there is a jack for the trigger out to the brain.

The following pictures come from the private collection of Richard James Burgess.

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  1. jesper says:

    Impressive post and plenty of greetings to RJB for sharing! I hope he reads this and want to share the history of the EDP Keytar with a reader who is equally obsessed with the insects from EDP as he is with the old Simmons line. 😀

    The “Einstein a Go-Go” video has always been one of my favourites as far as both synthpop and instruments goes. SDS-V “Heads”, EDP Keytar and lyricon in a wonderfully weird mad scientist’s lab environment. Couldn’t be better!

  2. Sibi says:

    Simply Amazing!!!

    Still, I am a happy cookie to own three SDS V “final apparatus”… and they work, work, work

  3. Thank you Jesper and thank you, especially, to Wolfgang for being interested and asking me for the pics. John L. Walters is the expert on Lyricon and Wind Synth. Actually, there is the connection with Musicaid – the Lyricon was distributed by Musicaid and that’s how I made the connection with them. I will email John and see if he wants to say anything about it. I don’t imagine this is the best forum for it though unless Wolfgang wants it to be.



  4. Ed Rose says:

    Wow. The breadboard genesis of the electronic drum kit. Amazing. Thanks for sharing, Richard. And, thanks for making it happen, Wolfgang.

  5. Jim Barber says:

    I am an original owner of an SDS6 that is presently not working. Does anyone have access to a schematic so that I can fix it? i have changed the batteries and they have not been a problem since they have been changed regularly and thus no damage to the board as with other units I have heard of. it was working somewhat a couple of weeks ago but now when you turn it on the LED’s light as required but then the shut down with only the Abort lamp lit. Wolfgang did send me a note a few months ago but I had issues with my PC and email and lost the note that suggested changing an IC. At that point the unit oscillator did not seem to be working but after changing out the batteries again it all started working but now I have the problem. It has been plugged in for about 4 months but not powered up assuming that the batteries would stay charged. I am going to leave it on now to see if that makes any difference.


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