A dignified evening of life (part 3)

Remember the rusty scrap heap a few months ago?

Probably it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get one of the seldom early Musicaid versions of SDSV with a very low serial number. In my case #78. Although the frame was in an awful condition I was quite confident to revive it. Luckily there was no serious defect. At least nothing that could not be fixed by my own unexperienced hands. And today was that day when the LEDs shined again.

The fuse socket was broken. I had to remove it anyway. In order to test the board I bridged that socket and replaced it later.


on the backside of the board a soldering point came of.


The power LED was broken and needed to be replaced


Finally everything’s there and ready to test: The unit powers up, a test modul receives the trigger voltage


the marriage: The electronics go back into the chassis.


the screws are tightened….


assembling the front panel again. all new knobs and knob caps


a final test. Everything works properly. The only issue is that due to the thick layer of antirust protection the metal cover does not fit over the chassis anymore. Probably an opoortunity to get a custom cover? Made of stainless steel? Brushed aluminium? … First I’ll find some moduls to fill the gaps 🙂

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