Sunday afternoon in the garden

Sunday is supposed to be a family day. But what happens if none of the jobs get done during the week? 3 weeks ago I got 4 white Musicaid pads from my Simmons buddy Sibi to restore. Well, why not combine work and family life?

So here are some impressions of today’s day:

one of the old surfaces removed with the help of a hair dryer

the table on the terrace. Interesting: The shells are mounted to the plywood with rubber fittings, they are not screwed! First time I saw that.

a crack fixed with two component glue (and later with a layer of white lacquer…)

although there is still a tray for the speaker, this pad already features a piezo … but not in the center?!

polishing the new surface with plastic cleaner

Everything cleaned and assembled again.. Johanna drawing in her book.

not everybody is interested in what I am doing

Girls often don’t take me seriously 🙂

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