Rainy day business

Some might remember the green kit I purchased on Ebay at the beginning of June. Basically the condition was ok: No major damages such as cracks or tears. The yellowed polycarbonate surfaces had been pasted over with an ugly rubber layer. Some screws were missing and the aluminium frames demanded some polishing.

the original Ebay picture taken by the seller


Polishing the rims with metal/chrome polish


Polishing the shell: once with acryl polish, once with polish for old car lacquers


After the new surface sticks tight to the plywood underground, the protection foil can be removed. Reflecting like a mirror!


Assembling all parts again


bassdrum pad waiting for the new surface. This is a bit tricky as this pad needs to be completely disassembled for a surface replacement. The XLR connector is the reason


The XLR connection must be removed and soldered again for surface replacement


Drowning the soldering points in hot glue (after testing…of course)


a brand new XLR connector


Bright and shiny again


9 Responses to “Rainy day business”

  1. Roger says:

    Very nice Wolfgang! Was green a factory color? This is the only one I’ve heard of.

    • simmonsmuseum says:

      As far as the Complete Simmons Drum Book states, as the shells had been transparent they could be sprayed in the very last moment before delivery. So with SDSV there was nothing like a “factory color”. I have seen several custom colors like white/black burst (Spandau Ballet in Top Of The Pops) or a red/brown burst, but both are original “factory” colors. My green color is definetely original although it might be a one-of-a-kind. Maybe somebody of the former Simmons staff remebers that kit?

      • Roger says:

        Yeah, I imagine it would be difficult to strip and re-paint the interior shell without destroying the simmons decal. Perhaps the original owner is Irish? 😉

  2. Cat Allenby says:

    Hi everyone.
    Great to see the kit ended up looking very nice again. BTW Im the 1 that sold this kit to Wolfgang. As far as Im aware & my friend (who I got this off), the green is the original colour he brought it in. Thought this may help
    Many Regards

  3. jesper says:

    Hi Wolfgang, I know you’re a fanatic collector so this green set is sure a gem for the collection. But, aside that, I think it’s quite a horrible green colour. 🙂

  4. Oli Rubow says:

    hey Wolfgang,
    what about arranging a green-yellow-red Simmons pad set in pan-African colours. So to drum a reggae or Sly Dunbar tribute kit?


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