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Live Aid I985

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Normally I forget events really quick. But there are some I still remember what I actually did during that event. I remember the day of the great Live Aid concert. Unfortunately I spent the whole day in a train to London and I could not follow the show on TV. So many bands used Simmons drums at least to spice up their drum or percussion set up and I couldn’t watch their performances… Really disappointing. Fortunately we have the internet and some deligant guys who published at least parts of these historical pop events such as (just to mention a few)

David Bowie feat. Thomas Dolby on keyboards


Paul Young

Spandau Ballet (with John Keeble who obviously used his only remaining SDSV pad as a place for his metronome :-))

The Cars

Rock School

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

On my endless odyssey through the internet once more I tumbled over an episode of Rock School, and once more I wondered about the cheesy sounds that had been so hot in the 80s.

Today it makes me smile but of course every era of pop music requires it’s predecessors. For example dance and electronic music would not sound the same if the technical development would have taken another way. The 80s had created highlights as well as catastrophes concerning sound (this may appear to style and clothes as well…). I wonder what my kids will think about a Roland TD20 in 15 years (to be honest: I already think they are antiquated and a deception of high technology, but this should be discussed in other blogs)

In any case: Have fun watching this nice peace of TV history!