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Luck, money and patience…

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

The answer to the most asked question: “How can I get my own SIMMONS?”. When I got my first SDSV in 2003, I was lucky that the frame already carried the very rare digital cymbal module. It also came with the even more rare cymbal pad. In this case I was very very lucky and I did not need any patience at all. I got the full set, Bd, Sn, 3xTT and Cymbal with all pads, stands and cables for reasonable 500 Euro. Since 2003 I have been waiting to fill the last slot with the long time desired HiHat module. But every time a HiHat module appeared on Ebay (probably once a year only one), It went for a horrendous amount of money and I preferred to wait….until yesterday… A Simmons buddy from Munich wanted to sell his entire rack with 6 modules and HiHat included. He placed a small add in the internet which I saw just 2 hours later. Unfortunately I was only the second who contacted him and he had already promised the unit to a guy from Berlin. Fortunately this guy had to resign from buying it so I took my chance. In the meantime the seller also decided to keep the 5 standard modules, so he only sold the HiHat module at a faire price to me. It is even a very early analog HiHat version taken from the frame SN #119

This demonstrates what “patience” means: 7 years of waiting. I have just passed my 40th birthday and I am confident that I have enough life time left to complete my collection before I die. Probably it may take another 7 years until I find the digital version, but it is worth waiting

Das Model

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Yesterday in my basement, the heart of the Simmons museum: Another proof that Simmons pads, at least my mesh head conversion, are as good as the high price japanese R****** pads but with much more sex appeal